PERM - The poem of the town PERM - The poem of the town
PERM - The poem of the town PERM - The poem of the town

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 Perm is a city in the depth of Russia.
It is 280 years old. Many towns and
cities in the world are much more ancient,
famous and lovely. But we live in Perm, on the banks
of the Kama, the mighty Ural river, amidst the vast
continent of Euro-Asia, and this is a story of our dear city
we are telling you. We admire and get proud of some things,
and we grieve and sorrow over others. Let sorrows be cast
aside - this is a day of celebration. Stepping into the
twenty first century and the third millennium of the mankind,
we are in luck of getting a chance to stop for a moment
and look round. Let us remember those who made their
mark in the history of Perm and left the aura of noble
thoughts, remarkable ideas, generous labour and courageous
devotion in the space over the city, its noosphere.
Just look closely at the best features of the present -
nowadays the citizens of Perm still do their best in the
preferred walks of life, in the field of education, in battle,
in search of the truth, in spiritual work. Look into the future
- it is the present it arises from. Have a look at the land
populated by several generations of Perm citizens -
at our city. You will see its busy avenues and still side streets,
the embankment of the Kama River at 'white' nights when
sunset merges sunrise, New Year trees in snowy squares and
golden alleys in autumn, red clusters of rowan berries and
snow-white blossom of apple-trees. You will see the glimmer
of camp-fires on the Red Mountain slopes by the Yegoshikha
River, the fire of open-hearth furnaces in Motovilikha, testing
grounds of big plants... and folk feasts under the bright blue
sky, footlights in the theatre, sleepless windows at night, salutes
on red-letter days. Just look at the faces of the city and
citizens carefully. In the sky over Perm the North Star, the
lodestar shines opposite the constellation of the Great Bear.
The bear, a strong, hardy and clever beast, one of the oldest
inhabitants of the Ural forests, is taken into the Arms
of Perm not for nothing.
However, Perm is far from a God-forsaken hole good for
bears only. This is proved by its history,
relations with the world and its gold stock of nature
and people.

Alexander Kashintsev © The city of Perm