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Russia’s top graffiti artists collaborate at Perm museum
PERMM, the museum of contemporary art in Perm, has opened a new major exhibition showing the work of a number of street artists from major cities across Russia. Entitled Transit Zone, the exhibition will be the last to be shown in the city’s former river boat station, which has been the site of the museum for the last five years.

Perm school children have welcomed “Literary Express from London”
A series of events, dedicated to the UK-Russia year of culture, have started in Perm. Children are encouraged to participate in creative workshops at the Perm City Library N35 and to learn about English literature in a form of play.

Perm orchestra to perform Mozart in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport
Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport will be temporarily transformed into a concert hall this Saturday when an orchestra performs the overture to Mozart’s opera The Marriage of Figaro. The Perm Tchaikovsky Orchestra of Theatre, Opera and Ballet will play the famous piece at Sheremetyevo’s terminal D as part of culture festival The Golden Mask in the City, which is 20 years old this year.

Perm: More than metal and salt mines
This city of a million inhabitants is casting off this working-class image and reinventing itself as a cultural capital to rival Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Perm, the city built on salt: an ideal pit stop on your Ural route
The up-and-coming city of Perm, 1,400 km east of Moscow, is no longer associated solely with the horrors of the Gulag. It has reinvented itself as one of Russia's new meccas of modern art...

New “English for teachers” project started in Perm
City Department of education and “Britannia” language center have started a new project, aimed to improve language and methodic competence of English language teachers. [more]

Students from Perm gymnasium ¹31 put on a play in English
Students of gymnasium ¹31 (37 Podlesnaya Street) can now not only learn English at the “Five o’Clock” language center, but also explore the world of culture and creativity. Producing plays at a school theatre club, children learn to become real actors. [more]

'Pelmeni' in Perm: Russian Culinary Treat Awaits Sochi Torch Relay
Russia's Ural Mountains city of Perm will greet the arrival of the Sochi Olympic flame with the mass eating of dumplings, the regional administration announced Wednesday.
The torch relay will reach Perm, a city of a million 1,150 kilometers east of Moscow, on January 3 and taken on a two-day trip around the city by 258 torchbearers. [more]

Perm birds spend their “winter holidays” in Western Europe and Africa
Perm State University professor, ornithologist Aleksey Shepel filed a preview report on Perm ornithofauna.
Ornithological diversity of Perm Krai has grown twice since the beginning of the XX century. The population of thrushes, titmice, white wagtails, martlets, ducks and nightingales has grown several times in the last 25 years, said Aleksey Shepel. [more]

Perm business-incubator alumni explore international market
City business-incubator celebrates its two years anniversary. Young businessmen support center started its work in 2011 over the initiative of the Head of the City Administration Anatoly Mahovikov. More than 9 thousand people have visited it over this time. Business center graduates successfully turn into life their projects not only on the territory of the Russian Federation but also internationally. [more]

“Alice in Wonderland” illustrations exhibition opens at Perm State Art Gallery
Perm State Art Gallery invites Lewis Carroll’s fans to visit an exhibition of “Alice in Wonderland” illustrations. The exhibition includes drawings from Russian and English publications along with the lectures on how the character of Alice was created.
The story of a little girl Alice, written almost 150 years ago, stays one of the most published books in the world and still gets staged, filmed and discussed. [more]

Video project from The Guinness Book of Records will be shown in Perm
The official opening of the international twin cities festival “We are together!” took place at the Soldatov Cultural Center. Art collectives from different countries presented their shows to the Perm audience. [more]

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